Welcome to DESDEO’s documentation!

Decision Support for computationally Demanding Optimization problems

DESDEO is a free and open-source Python-based framework for developing and experimenting with interactive multiobjective optimization. It contains implementations of some interactive methods and modules that can be utilized to implement further methods.

We welcome you to utilize DESDEO and develop it further with us.


For news and other information related to DESDEO, see the official website.



This package contains tools and classes for defining and modelling multiobjective optimization problems. The defined problem classes can be used in the other packages in the DESDEO framework, such as desdeo-mcdm and desdeo-emo.


This package contains tools to facilitate different tasks in the other packages in the DESDEO framework. These tools include, for example, scalarization routines and various solvers.


This package contains evolutionary algorithms for solving multiobjective optimization problems. These algorithms include, for example, interactive RVEA.


This package contains traditional methods for performing interactive multiobjective optimization. These methods include, but are not limited to, Synchronous NIMBUS and E-NAUTILUS, for example.